1. Return and exchange situations

In the following circumstances, we will assist you in returning goods:

  • The product does not correspond to the website's product description.
  • Products that are defective or damaged do not guarantee quality (including cases of product defects due to transportation)
  • We supplied the goods incorrectly, and it was not delivered on time.

2. Regulations governing the trade of products

  • Exchange Policy: Products can only be replaced once within three days after receipt.
  • Products exchanged must be unused and unopened.

Method of refund

Step 1:

Please contact the hotline at 19000 99992 or send an email to hello@tafaviet.com if you wish to return the merchandise.

vn, our staff will get the product's current status and help you through the return process.

Step 2:

If your order was marked as an exchange, we will contact the shipping department and waive any shipping charges for you. Returns are processed within three business days.

Step 3: How to Handle Returned Items

When the return request is resolved, please pack the product in its original state (containing items, gifts, accessories connected to the product, etc., if any) and return it to the TAFA address within 3 days.

***Note: Please keep the parcel code you sent in mind so that when you need to search for information on the parcel to be swapped, it is easier and faster.

Cases in which return and exchange are not permitted

The return policy does not apply to the following items:

Customers purchase items through means other than the TAFA website.

It is a question of perception/dissatisfaction/change of buying choice to request a return or refund.

Items that do not match the return conditions outlined in item 1.

The product has been examined, peeled away, etc.