1. Our Story

Tafa's tale began in 1990, with only approximately 100 chickens on a family's poultry farm in Da Lat city.

Tafa Viet constantly prioritizes product quality with steadfastness, believing in the objective of offering consumers green - clean, healthy products. Tafa is continually innovating, incorporating cutting-edge science and technology into the manufacturing process, as well as the usage of ecologically friendly paper packaging.

Eggs and Chickens Tafa are produced by European standards in a closed, completely automated farm chain. In this farm chain, chicken growing is rigorously controlled at each stage to ensure that it satisfies the toughest requirements, guaranteeing that the product reaches the customer in the best possible condition. Mottos of Tafa "Healthy hens are the golden key to excellent eggs".

After more than three decades in the Vietnamese consumer market, Tafa Viet has reaffirmed its position as the country's largest domestic egg producer, satisfying several quality standards: ISO 20000:2005, ISO 14000:2015, VietGap,... We are continually trying to be among Asia's Top 20 largest egg enterprises, giving pride to Vietnamese agriculture, with the help of a youthful, dynamic, and constantly learning staff.





In Dalat, a livestock farm is being established.


Eggs are delivered to markets in Ho Chi Minh City, the East, and Central Vietnam.


Invest in a European-standard closed breeding system. Moba (Netherlands) and Big Dutchman (Germany)


Won the distinction of "Vietnamese Goods of High Quality"


Certified by VietGap


Establishment of a 100-hectare plant in Binh Thuan as part of a government investment initiative


Obtain ISO 14000:2015 certification.

The production rate approaches 120,000 eggs per hour.

2. Vision, mission and core values

- Vision: To be the number one egg producer in Vietnam.

- Mission: Focus on generating high-quality goods, offering maximum value to consumers, supplying green food for the community, for a higher quality of life, greater success in the agricultural business, and notably on environmental preservation at the highest level.

- Tafa Viet core values: Discipline - Professionalism - Honesty - Cooperation - We prioritize working with the most devotion.

  • Customer-oriented
  • Learn – Innovate – Create
  • Grateful and Give
  • Devotion
  • Commitment
  • Integrity


3. Quality assurance and certification