This privacy statement will explain in full how we collect and utilize your personal information. At the same time, this policy will detail the mechanisms in place to ensure the confidentiality of your information.

1. Information income:

Tafa Viet Livestock Co., Ltd gathers your information as you connect with the Company's marketing communication channels, such as websites, social networks, mail, or calls to give ideas.

We gather information such as your name, date of birth, phone number, email address, shipping address, and so on.

Furthermore, Tafa Viet Livestock Co., Ltd does not maintain any information relating to the Credit Card or bank account that you use on our website through a 3rd party payment gateway and uses erasure technology for these payment transactions.

2. Scope of use:

We will use whatever information you supply to us for the following purposes:

To address any concerns with your order.

Account management includes creating and maintaining your account with us, as well as participating in reward programs or promotions.

Customer service entails responding to your requests, concerns, and comments.

Personalization: We may aggregate the acquired data to better investigate and develop goods and services for our customers, such as improving utilities and tailoring them to your requirements. customized inquiries that require your attention; Serve you with referral templates and adverts based on your preferences.

Security: To prevent customers from destroying their accounts or interfering with their accounts.

As required by law: We may collect, store, and provide information at the request of the appropriate state agency, depending on the provisions of the law at the time.

3. Information security:

When Tafa Viet Livestock Co., Ltd receives information from customers, it is committed to maintaining the safety and security of all information by using the finest information security technologies and solutions for consumers.

The firm is devoted to maintaining strict control over personal information. The Company has employees who are in charge of ensuring that the Company's Privacy Principles are followed.

Except in the case of a legal necessity imposed by a competent body, the Company will not disclose customer information with any third parties.

4. Storage period:

The client's personal information will be kept until the consumer requests cancellation or manually logs in and cancels.

5. Personal information rights of customers:

Customers have the right to furnish us with personal information and can cancel at any moment.

Customers have the opportunity to self-check, update, and amend their personal information by entering into their account and correcting or requesting that we do so.

6. Contact information:

If you have any questions or complaints regarding our privacy policies, please contact us at the following address:

Call hotline: 19000 99992 or 0838.103.222

Send mail to email address:

7. Information collection and management unit Tafa Viet Livestock Company Limited:

Hotline: 19000 99992 or 0838.103.222


Effect of the privacy policy of personal information.

This personal information privacy policy is valid until “information to be filled out”.