Double nutrition with 2 egg yolks

24/01/2022 TAFA

Chicken eggs are always considered a popular food with many nutrients beneficial to health, is one of the ingredients for beauty and effective diet, weight loss.Let's Vietnamese Tafa Learn about the type of fresh chicken eggs with 2 yolks that are twice as nutritious as Vietgap standards and the benefits of chicken eggs.

Concept of chicken eggs with 2 yolks?

Chicken eggs with 2 yolks, as the name implies, the yolk will make up the majority of the egg and is divided into 2 small yolks. And so the nutritional content of 2-yolk eggs will be more and double that of regular eggs.

Eggs with 2 yolks Tafa

For folk, 2 yolks are very rare and if available, they are often used as gifts because of the high nutritional value of eggs. However now to meet the needs and improve nutrition in a chicken egg. The technology of producing 2-yolk eggs was born and rigorously selected from the selection of suitable chicken breeds to breeding and specialized feed. With Tafa, the egg production process is applied according to the European process and meets the fresh egg standard Vietgap always produces fresh, clean, delicious and nutritious eggs every day.

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Chicken breed with 2 yolks

Chickens that lay eggs with 2 yolks can be domestic chickens or industrial chickens, depending on the external conditions, rearing, the impact of light, food, water... especially the amount of protein in the food.
 However, in reality, chickens that lay 2 yolks often appear in industrial chickens with standard and regulated feeding regimes unlike domestic chickens.

Egg-laying chickens

Nutritional value of chicken eggs with 2 yolks compared to normal eggs:

  • According to master, doctor Nguyen Van Tien (National Institute of Nutrition), an egg usually ranges from 50-70g, but with eggs with 2 yolks can weigh up to 80g.
  • With normal eggs, the yolk accounts for 40%, the remaining 60% is the white and shell. But with eggs with 2 yolks, the percentage of yolks accounts for 50% or more.
  • Each person only needs to eat two egg yolks in the morning to exceed the allowed cholesterol level because egg yolks have very high nutritional value but also contain a lot of fat and cholesterol. It is recommended to eat 1-2 eggs 2 yolks per week.
  • The nutritional content of eggs with 2 yolks is higher than eggs with 1 yolk, but the amount of fat and cholesterol is also higher. Therefore, you should use it rationally, especially for people with a history of blood pressure.

Nutritional value in eggs with 2 yolks

Benefits of chicken eggs for the body:

  • Provides many nutrients good for health
  • Eggs help increase good cholesterol (HDL)
  • Chicken eggs contain choline - an important nutrient that is often lacking in the diet
  • Contains antioxidants beneficial to the eyes
  • Eating chicken eggs helps to lose weight effectively
  • Eating eggs helps you reduce the risk of fatty blood disease
  • Eggs are one of the ingredients to beautify women's skin

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Above is some information about the house's 2 yolk eggs Tafa help you add more interesting knowledge, and choose for yourself a reasonable diet.