Tafa Baked Eggs - Korean Baked Egg Flavor?

24/01/2022 TAFA

Baked eggs or "smoked chicken eggs" are quite familiar and very loved dishes of Korean people.With special baking technology, Korean baked eggs not only have high nutritional value but also have a unique, strange and attractive taste.That is also the reason why many people are always "hunting" when Korean baked eggs are imported to Vietnam, even though this is an extremely expensive item, much more expensive than regular chicken eggs.

Tafa Korean Grilled Egg

Facing the popularity of Vietnamese consumers with Korean baked eggs, Tafa Viet Livestock Co., Ltd. has decided to bring this technology to Vietnam to directly produce and supply Korean baked egg products to the market. National standard. At the same time, in addition to fresh eggs, Tafa offers consumers new and interesting options.
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Tafa Standard Grilled Eggs Korean Grilled Eggs

Tafa Korean baked eggs are special because they are carefully selected from the fresh eggs of Tafa Vietnam and are roasted for up to 52 hours according to Korean technology. The perfect combination of unique baking technique, qualified ingredients and optimal baking time results in Tafa baked eggs that are more nutritious than traditional fresh eggs. In particular, it has a shelf life of up to 30 days but still ensures the same nutritional value and delicious taste as the original. All nutritional parameters of the product are tested by the company at the Technical Center for Standards, Metrology and Quality 3.

Nutritional value of Korean baked eggs Tafa

Tafa Standard Grilled Eggs Korean Grilled Eggs

Provides a high amount of protein

One egg contains an average of 6.5 g of organic protein, which is highly digestible and easy to digest. As a result, grilled eggs have high nutritional value, suitable for both gym people and athletes.

Provides high power source

Each baked egg contains about 74 calories. It is an important source of energy that helps us restore health and generate energy in daily activities.

Good antioxidant capacity for the body

Eggs in general and baked eggs in particular contain two high levels of antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. These are active ingredients that help fight oxidation, have a positive effect on the skin and effectively fight skin aging.

Good for brain development

Baked eggs contain high levels of vitamin A, biotin and choline. These are all good substances that help promote brain development, enhance memory and brain development. Therefore, this dish is recommended for the elderly, children and pregnant women.

 In general, Tafa Korean baked eggs do not reduce the nutritional value of fresh eggs. Eating baked eggs helps to supplement abundant nutrients. However, to ensure quality, you should pay attention to choose fresh, clean and safe eggs and chicken eggs Tafa This is an option that you should not ignore.