Buy wholesale at a good price when you become a wholesale customer at Tafa

24/01/2022 TAFA

Vietnamese Tafa - A reputable enterprise in the market with a farm chain invested in a closed automatic business model according to European standards, bringing to Vietnamese consumers a source of clean, nutritious eggs and chicken meat. high.
 If you are a wholesaler and want to find yourself a business that offers good wholesale prices and provides fresh, clean eggs, baked eggs, etc., you should not ignore Tafa Viet.Let's find out with Tafa immediately the attractive offers when becoming a Tafa wholesaler!

Buy wholesale at a good price when you become a wholesale customer at Tafa

When you become a wholesale customer at Tafa, you will receive the following attractive incentives:

  • Wholesalers enjoy good wholesale prices
  • The first nutrition wholesaler in Vietnam
  • Signed contract and issued agency certificate with #TAFA
  • Products in Tafa have brands, clear origins and meet national quality standards, making it easy for customers to do business and have customers. Help wholesalers have outstanding revenue
  • Committed to giving distributors the best policy.
  • Maximum, attentive, enthusiastic support service - Participate in the company's sales and product training program
  • Support communication, advertising, marketing from the Company
  • Support image, video media.
  • Support shipping for wholesale customers in Tafa.

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Notes when buying wholesale at good prices with Tafa's eggs

Become a wholesale customer at Tafa

To be able to buy wholesale at a good price, do not miss the opportunity to become a Tafa agent. In addition to receiving price incentives, you are also guaranteed the quality of eggs, or contracts to avoid risk for you. Tafa is committed to providing you with quality products with the best wholesale prices for you.

Moreover, becoming an agent for Tafa, you also get support in other aspects such as Marketing, so why should you miss such a good opportunity? Please contact Tafa Viet immediately all questions about policies and incentives when becoming a wholesale customer will be answered immediately. Let's shake hands with Tafa Build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship, develop together in the future.

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