Tafa chicken eggs - A source of quality nutrition for every meal

24/01/2022 TAFA

Tafa Viet Livestock Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in providing clean chicken eggs according to a closed breeding process for domestic and foreign markets.With the product mission as the top priority, the source of quality nutrition from chicken eggs Tafa Always trusted and used by customers.

Safe egg production process

Tafa Viet was approved by the People's Committee of Binh Thuan province to be the province's leading high-tech agro-industrial enterprise. The company applies a closed and safe production process that combines modern technology.

The products are produced from a fully closed automatic farm chain according to European standards with the most modern technology in the world. In particular, the quality of feed for chickens is always guaranteed and operated automatically. In order to ensure that the quality nutrition from chicken eggs is safe, there is also a light control system, a Japanese egg sterilization system and a traceability table to know the eggs are produced from these flocks. chicken like and from which farm.

Chicken eggs are produced according to a closed process in Tafa

Tafa chicken eggs ensure both "green" and "clean" factors. At Tafa Viet automatic farm chain, chicken raising is carefully cared for at every stage, meeting all strict technical standards to bring products with the highest quality nutrition to consumers. use.

The eggs are clean, beautiful and taste guaranteed with attractive iridescent yolks, promising to bring excellent dishes. Tafa clean chicken eggs contain the essence of awakening the taste buds, bringing a completely different feeling.
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Nutritional value that Tafa chicken eggs bring

First, the eggs from Tafa Viet are always guaranteed for quality nutrition. At the same time, the flock of chickens and eggs are also associated with 4 nos:

  • No preservatives
  • No antibiotics
  • No growth hormone
  • Do not use banned substances

►See more: Tafa chicken eggs - A source of quality nutrition for every meal

Tafa chickens are raised safely and bring quality nutrition

The nutritional value that chicken eggs bring to us is immeasurable. It provides many nutrients that help develop human health.

Tafa chicken eggs - A source of quality nutrition

Vitamin: Eggs provide B vitamins, especially B12, which help keep blood cells healthy. In addition, it also contains trace amounts of vitamins A, D, E and choline (a substance in the same group as vitamin B).

Mineral: Eggs are rich in essential minerals for the body such as calcium, phosphorus, selenium or iodine. Especially the antioxidant selenium helps to fight damage caused by free radicals, prevent cancer and good for the heart.

The protein: Eggs are considered a complete protein food. They contain all 9 essential amino acids. It is a great food to help replenish energy for the body.

Lipids: Lipids, found mainly in egg yolks, have natural anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the risk of some chronic diseases such as heart disease or arthritis.

Although eggs bring many quality nutrients, we should also consider eating right for the best health.

Vietnamese Tafa always maintain the position of a reputable enterprise in the market, ensuring to bring to Vietnamese consumers a source of clean eggs with high nutritional value. Besides investing in production lines with the most modern technologies, Tafa also pioneers in environmental protection, using 100% biodegradable paper boxes. If you are looking for a reputable egg production facility, please contact Tafa Viet immediately to own quality products as well as safe for health.

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