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24/01/2022 TAFA

Fresh chicken eggs are almost an ingredient that is very close to every home because it is not only a familiar food in daily meals, especially on Vietnamese rice trays, but also an effective assistant in the process of making chicken eggs. pretty.To make the meals more quality, more delicious or to make the beauty process more effective, the quality of fresh eggs is important and important. Viet Tafa is a supplier of fresh chicken eggs at good prices with quality that always meets the highest standards.

Factors that help Tafa fresh chicken eggs achieve top quality:

The factors that help Tafa fresh chicken eggs reach the top quality

Tafa is a supplier of fresh chicken eggs with good price and quality that always meets the highest inspection standards such as: VietGap, ISO 2200:2018, ISO 9001:2015, .. The factors that help Tafa achieve such high testing standards can be mentioned as:

Heating hens:

The gilts are chickens raised at 16 weeks of age - a particularly important period for the chicks to enter the reproductive preparation stage. Understanding the importance of the period from 1 day old to 16 weeks old, Tafa Viet always pays special attention to caring for chickens with a closed cage system that meets European standards. Not only that, the chickens in this period are cherished and cared for according to a particularly careful diet with saying no to antibiotics, banned substances and growth hormones.

Laying hens:

The laying hens at Tafa Viet farm are carefully selected from the Post-Being stage to be ready to produce the highest quality and fresh eggs every day.


Chicken eggs at Tafa are not only carefully cleaned but also sterilized with UV rays to ensure the best quality fresh eggs to customers. In addition, eggs are also carefully classified to remove broken eggs, cracked eggs, and blood-stained eggs before passing to the next stage.

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Benefits of using Tafa fresh eggs:

Benefits of using fresh eggs Tafa

In a daily meal:

Fresh chicken eggs are a familiar food to every family not only because of the convenience in processing, but also as a raw material for processing many delicious dishes on a Vietnamese rice tray. That makes the tray of rice not only eye-catching with many dishes, but also ensures the full nutritional content needed by each family member so that they can have more energy to continue working or recover energy later. a working day.

Assistant in the process of eating clean:

On average, each fresh chicken egg contains only about 78 calories but has many other healthy nutrients, especially protein. A complete meal consisting of three fresh boiled eggs with vegetables will add only about 300 calories but provide enough energy to be able to participate in daily activities. Therefore, along with vegetables, fresh eggs play an important role in the process of "eat clean" or lose weight.

A good assistant in beauty:

Not only is it a familiar food, but fresh chicken eggs also have a particularly good effect in beauty such as skin care, hair care or body odor removal. With quality fresh eggs, the beauty process will be more effective and bring better results to the user.

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Tafa Viet provides fresh chicken eggs at good prices:

Tafa Viet provides fresh chicken eggs at good prices

Viet Tafa provide a full range of cheap fresh chicken eggs on the market today but always ensure the best quality to consumers. Not only that, Tafa's cheap fresh egg products are suitable for the needs of consumers from small quantities to large quantities, typically: Tafa 600 fresh eggs - Paper boxes (10 eggs) , Tafa 700 fresh chicken eggs - Paper box (10 eggs) or Tafa fresh chicken eggs 150 pieces (Size 700gr),...

In addition, Tafa always commits to 100% return and exchange of defective products to customers, thereby bringing the most comfortable product consumption experience to customers.