What is in Tafa chicken eggs that many people believe in?

24/01/2022 TAFA

Currently, on the market, a series of low-quality and fake chicken eggs are rampant on the market, making consumers confused, even consumers have to eat those eggs and use them every day without knowing it.Only when the health is seriously affected because of the use of such long-term egg food, it will be discovered.Today, Vietnamese Tafa We would like to introduce to you Tafa chicken eggs - Clean chicken eggs ensure food safety with special care with a modern closed process.

What's in Tafa?

Tafa is a Vietnamese company that breeds and specializes in providing chicken eggs and chicken meat. With modern technologies, the most important factor of Tafa is to be "green" and "clean". Tafa chicken eggs and chicken meat of Tafa Viet are always cared for according to this closed process and process according to international standards. Always take product quality first and customer trust is our guideline, the company's mission is to bring customers the safest products.

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Tafa Viet Livestock Co., Ltd

Tafa .'s closed production process

Bran factory - The place that provides chicken feed, is an extremely important place, the quality of chicken feed directly affects chicken eggs and chicken meat, so Tafa Viet says NO to antibiotics, banned substances and growth hormones. With the motto "Healthy chickens - the golden key to quality"

Gilts - This is a standard chicken entering the egg-laying stage, so it is specially cared for and cherished, so they are like children that are cared for very carefully according to European standards.

Laying hens - Chickens have been carefully selected so that the eggs are graded, but the eggs are delicious and qualified for consumers.

Egg - Eggs are cleaned, sterilized by UV light, classified broken eggs, cracked eggs, eggs with blood rays before being put through the next stage.

Quality Check/Packing - Tafa chicken eggs are color-coded, weighed and sorted by size before being packed in blisters or boxes. Tafa Viet self-hoa is a pioneer company in Vietnam that uses 100% of blisters/boxes from biodegradable paper to protect the environment.

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Tafa Viet's Eggs

Tafa is a livestock company with more than 30 years of experience, so Tafa ensures to supply exactly and enough as said, clean and absolutely safe products. Tafa's livestock farm is a self-contained farm according to European standards. And Tafa company is the leading egg supplier in Vietnam.

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Partners have trusted Tafa's products

With so many years of prestige and experience, Tafa has been and is the leading supplier of oil of major partners, the customers who have trusted in Tafa's products are large supermarkets or prestigious stores all over the world. provinces such as: CJ, LOTTE MART, TTC, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa, Annam Gourmet Market,...


Along with the modernity in husbandry, Tafa's eggs are guaranteed to be safe and quality eggs in the top of the leading egg suppliers today, moreover, Tafa's eggs also bring taste and feel. Distinctive feeling will certainly not disappoint consumers.

Tafa's chickens are carefully selected and cared for carefully, so the quality of eggs is absolutely guaranteed to be safe. Tafa eggs are produced in a modern closed process that brings high nutrients and a different taste compared to other eggs. with other eggs.

Tafa chicken eggs are carefully cared for, so the nutritional content when supplied to the market is extremely high, not only that, these eggs are also "green" provided during the day and the newly laid chickens have a careful process. immediately to consumers, so the freshness and nutritional value of eggs are extremely high.

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Chicken eggs according to Europe's closed standards

The source of energy that tafa eggs brings to the user is extremely significant, along with a high amount of calories that provide energy, protein and a lot of vitamins to mention, the nutritional values that tafa eggs bring will help you. Having an effective working day helps your body have enough substance to work.

Tafa Viet always puts quality and prestige first, so you don't have to worry about not knowing where to source safe eggs, go to Tafa, tafa eggs are widely distributed in stores. Big brands like Lotte Mart, Big C, Annam Gourmet in many provinces such as Da Lat, Binh Thuan, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau and neighboring provinces to help you have meals delicious with special taste, fresh feeling in the eggs.

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